Corporate Profile

Tat Hong was established in Singapore in the 1970s as a supplier of cranes and heavy equipment and has been listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange since 2000.

Largest Crane Rental Company in Asia Pacific

With a fleet size of more than 1,500 crawler, mobile and tower cranes ranging in size from under 50 tonnes to 1,600 tonnes, we are ranked, in terms of aggregate tonnage, the largest crane-owning company in the Asia-Pacific region and eighth worldwide.1 We also own the second largest tower crane fleet in the People's Republic of China.2

Over the past four decades, we have expanded our operations to include Singapore, Australia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. Our cranes have also been deployed in projects as far away as India and Africa. We serve customers in diverse industries such as construction and engineering, infrastructure, oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation sectors.

Backed by our immense track record and quality lifting assets, we have established ourselves as the leading name in crawler/mobile crane rental and equipment sales in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

In China, our tower cranes have been involved in the construction of many iconic buildings and key infrastructural installations.

In Australia, our wholly-owned subsidiary, the Tutt Bryant Group, has a leading position in the areas of crane hire, heavy lift and shift, equipment sales and general plant and equipment hire.

Through the constant upgrading of our workforce and our machines, we continue to deliver safe, cost effective and reliable lifting solutions to our customers worldwide.

1IC50 Rankings 2016
2IC50 Rankings 2015